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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this bond increase my taxes?

  • No! There will be no tax increase. The valuation of our disrict has gone up, so there is more money available at no cost to taxpayers.
  • Any tax increases experienced by Major County citizens since the last bond issue are due to tax protests by large companies like DCP pipeline.
    DCP has protested its taxes every year since 2015.
    Any tax protest is paid for by tax payers for the duration of the protest.

What is this bond for?

  • Proposition 1 (Security at Elementary)
    • Elementary Roof Replacement
    • Security Improvements to Elementary
      • Secure Entrances
      • Enclosing Classrooms
    • Band Instruments
    • Technology and Curriculum


  • Proposition 2 (Transportation)
    • 3 Large 71-Passenger Route Buses
    • 1 Small 29-passenger Route Bus
      *by law, transportation bonds must be separate in elections

Why are there 2 propositions on the ballot?

  • By law, transportation bonds must be separate in elections.

How old are our current busses?

  • The age of our current busses ranges from 1999-2007, with the average age at 2003.

What did the last bond accomplish?

  • This is the next bond in a series of operational bonds. The last bond covered HVAC replacements and textbooks.

How do I vote?